Being BOLD is more than words standing out on a cluttered page. It's more than being the most noticeable character in a noisy room, or the most viral video on the internet.

For us, being BOLD means authenticity through action, connection through realness. For us, being BOLD means presence in love, perseverance in life.


For us being BOLD means everything....and with this thought in mind, we are BOLD WITHOUT APOLOGY.

In 2012, after an impromptu weekend trip to Santa Monica, California, Kevin Hansford returned to Texas with one thought in mind, "I was born a winner, it's time to stop letting this world and everyone in it to teach me how to lose."

With this powerful mindset, combined with his raw and undeniable passion for helping others through relationship mastery, Kevin was determined to create a brand of life coaching that was accessible to everyday people.

Insert BWA. Without a doubt, you are a sum of the people you keep closest to you, and Kevin was determined to amass a team of like-minded individuals who were BOLD WITHOUT APOLOGY and willing to light up this journey in their own special way. When you have a moment, go check out their stories on our team page...these guys (and lady) are QUITE the crew!

Now, while some consider the company a start-up, there is no denying the energy of the BWA Experience. If you know anyone searching for THAT IT FACTOR to help transition to the next level, BWA is the team to connect with. And no worries, come as you are. Kevin and the rest of the BWA crew wholeheartedly believe in one thing, "YOU WERE BORN A WINNER." The goal at BWA is to help you believe in yourself, and champion that REALNESS to the forefront in life, love, and everything in between.

"Relationships are the foundation for success," Kevin often tells his various clients, and gears them towards developing stronger foundations through communication, connection, and trust.

So as you take a peek around, relax. And when you are ready, the BWA crew would love to join you on your championship run to being a winner.

The ball's in your court, you ready?



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