Dating Tips for the Fellas

December 2, 2016


Fellas, can we talk for a second?

Look, you can hate on me...huddle up and laugh at me....ignore this blog post (since it really has nothing to do with the cowboys winning in football)....or hell, post a scathing, negative yelp review if it makes you feel better.

But I don't care what social background you come from, the question remains: If you have a LEGIT lady, why treat her like she's not?

It's a cold world out here in this dating game fellas, and if you are one of the lucky bastards that end up with a great woman.....that puts up with your shit....BRO, do your thing man:

- Take her out....consistently
- Keep dating her even after you marry her
- Be man enough to let her know your actual intentions from the beginning
- Make her laugh, like that kinda laugh from the gut, where she ends up snorting like a pig.
- Make her feel sexy without it being about sex. (Also known as tell her the new hairdo looks good, she smells great, blue makes her eyes stand love her view points on current events, shes got pretty elbows, etc)
- Tickle her on her side when she's all grumpy for no apparent reason.
- Listen to her seriously when she is grumpy with you (for some apparent reason)
- TALK WITH her (not to, not around).
- That boring ass scandalous show she always records, sit down and watch it with her.
- Drag her ass to a sporting event. She might claim she doesn't like "it", but if she can have fun and be herself with you, you'd be surprised what happens when she relaxes (as long as she cheers for the Eagles)
- Encourage her. Trust and give her room to grow into the woman that fulfills her personal journey.
- Be honest with her. No like for real. If the food aint good and the dress isn't cute, bro.....just tell her.

"Why is Kevin running his mouth again...he aint even married yet...he's so sensitive....he types too much..."

If you made it this far into this status, put more effort into at least one of these and thank me later homies. You only get so many tomorrows, maybe try appreciating your woman today. Juuuust saying.

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