Relationship Blueprint

December 2, 2016



***keyword: WORK***

If you don't love you, the people you commit to won't love you. Know your worth, respect your time, and invest in a HEALTHY foundation.

If you don't trust yourself, you'll be sipping on a strong dose of "what if's" and resentment after every other thought... know your heart and commit to the beauty of AUTHENTIC connection.

If you don't ride the waves that come with deep VULNERABILITY, you'll repeatedly drown in surface level comfort. Know the power of COMMUNICATION and don't hold back. It ain't pretty. It ain't perfect. But damn is it real.

Ground rules:
What takes forever to gain can be lost in seconds: trust, love, that smile on their face when they see you....these are gifts and they aren't guaranteed; take care to always be present.

Date. ALWAYS date. ANYTHING can be a date with the right mindset: a trip to the store to get light bulbs, walking around the neighborhood to burn off dinner, road trips back home for the holidays. Make it fun. Make it a date. For goodness sake FLIRT with each other!

Help them feel like a superstar. Seriously. Give them so much uninterrupted attention they come to you FIRST when they want to connect....And are so full of love they aren't distracted by that person at the gym with the sexy tattoos and great conversation.

Step into their world. Ladies if he likes Pro wrestling, surprise him with tickets to go see his favorites. Or football. Or whatever you hear him constantly talking about. Fellas...if she loves dressing up, surprise her with a badass reason to put on that gorgeous dress in the back of her closet that she ALWAYS stares at, but never gets to wear. But make it something SHE loves.

LISTEN to your significant other. Don't just hear them....listen. Put some effort into it and listen. You can listen with your hands. You can listen with your hugs. Most of all, don't forget you can listen the most with your heart.

Stop being so afraid to be by their side if and when you can't solve their problems. You are not their therapist. You are not her superman. She is not your mother.

KNOW. THEIR. LOVE. LANGUAGE. Then show them love repeatedly IN THEIR LOVE LANGUAGE. "But what if it's something I don't like....," reread from the first line all the way through this again. Then ask yourself are you ready for a REAL relationship or a selfish one?

Change your patterns. If you always text him, call him and tell him you miss him. If you always call him, text him something cute. I said cute not freaky. That's a different post.

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