The Direction for Perfection

December 1, 2016


Ah, Funny how things get...
We wake up to expectation...
Go to sleep with disappointment...
And fall in love with perfection in between.

Some call it a race, others a hustle, most think it's "THE GRIND." But lately, I just think it's....empty. That's right, I think the chase to being a perfect ANYTHING leads to emptiness.

See here's the thing: you were born a winner. I don't say that lightly. You fucking won before you even took your first step. Sure I could breakdown the statistical analysis of spermatozoa vs eggs and the battleground that is the mother's womb buuuuuut...just trust me, you won.

But somewhere along the way - you developed a loser's perspective. More appropriately called a "scarcity mindset" for my detail oriented readers out there. The belief that, "If I don't get this ONE THING, I'll never get anything else."

That one thing has been the downfall for many people:
- Money dreams. Usually quick schemes.
- A significant other. Usually with a perfect body
- A perceived "dream job"
- A wedding day
- A perfect hairdo. People still get hairdos
- A well devised to-do list or flawlessly executed business plan
- And damn near everything else that others said is important.

Again I'm not here to take your existence lightly: YOU WERE BORN A WINNER. So you deserve all that aforementioned shit right?! No.

NO. That's a complete sentence.

You see here's the bottom line: being a winner doesn't mean you are deserving of some man made exception of a journey paved with smiles and success. No.

Being born a winner means you've got the opportunity to live your truth UNAPOLOGETICALLY and BOLDLY THROUGH the experiences that make you human....and feel complete as fuck because you are being YOU and not allowing the outside world to manipulate that with empty ass expectations. That leads to:

- Money nightmares. At one point you might live check to check
- A significant amount of time alone. Because others can be quite hard to date if you haven't dated yourself. And that usually means you WONT have the perfect body
- A perceived "dream job", that leads to you realizing most bosses are clueless.
- A wedding day, that WILL have mishaps.
- A perfect hairdo. That eventually gets grey or falls out.
- A well devised to-do list or flawlessly executed business plan....that turns into a shit show of on the spot adjustments.
- And damn near everything else that others don't realize are important.

See the difference? Winners accept the fact that SHIT HAPPENS and they adjust accordingly. Why? Because PERFECTION IS NOT THE DIRECTION....

Improvement is the move you want to groove with. still want to be perfect? Then go ahead and hit up our link to the coaching sessions so we can help you....because you'll need it.

Much love my imperfectly flawed badasses! My people!


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