If Your Dating Life Could Talk

April 16, 2017

I'm wild.

I'm hectic.

I'm not perfect.

You just might be ashamed of me...


I've got year long relationships that should have been one night stands.


I've got one night stands that should have been three second thoughts.


I've had passing thoughts... I PROBABLY shouldn't have thought.


I've found memories that should have remained lost. Times I gave my best... when the best I got was becoming someone's ex.


..... three second thought. One night stand. Together for a year. Shitty memory. Ex.


Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Next.


Damn. I've got my shit together. At least that's what they tell me... at least that's what I thought I was doing.


My ex was my "I'll never date someone who works at a bar". My bad.


The ex before that was my attempt at "trusting someone who has a shady past". My f'n bad.


The couple before them... YOLO.


And of course there was the first one I "loved"..... the one I blame all my other issues on. The one I credit for "hurting" me.




Stop for a second and ask yourself: if your dating life could talk, at what point would it tell a motivating story?


Is your dating life full of exs, bullshit arguments, and regrets? Long nights wondering, long relationships hoping, long texts trying, and lonely car rides wishing?


I hope you find yourself accepting that. Embracing it. Trusting it. Yes.. you should embrace the hectic imperfect craze you call your dating life.


Your dating life never meant to be so imperfect. Your dating life just wanted to be:






Along the same lines, you probably wished for the same.


Yup. Our dating lives are reflections of the growth moments we so desperately crave. That wild girl that's had sex with countless people.... yup, she just wants love. That shitty guy who can't return your texts but so conveniently found his way into your roommate's DM's... yup, he just insecure AF.


I'll say it again - our dating lives reflect the growth moments we so desperately run from.


The sooner you grow, the more inspiring your dating life can be.


(this is the part where I drop the mic)



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