To write or not to it ever a question??? TAKE THAT...

July 28, 2017



The real question has always been, “should I blog? Do I just post long winded, flavorful posts on Instagram!? Do I write a book like EVERY PUBLIC SPEAKER APPARENTLY DOES!??? Do I keep typing these sporadic notes in my iPhone 6 (I know, an almost prehistoric device) and never unleash the creative hell that is my mind unto this world!? Am I destined to become another zombified consumer?

But thanks to DRock and Gary Vaynerchuk I found (my happy) Medium. Oh cmon, that was a pretty smooth play on words ehh?

So here’s the gist of it: I’ve lived. I’ved learned. I’ve wasted time in between. I grew up and realized I should share my “go through” to be someone else’s “get through”.

So now I write (and break tons of rules and regulations when I do), I speak (rules still broken), I do weekly videos (again…rules are completely disregarded), I consume the hell out of personal development content, and I then use that as a building block to share MY ideas on personally developing (while…breaking…rules, bro don’t you see the trend). But as with any journey, you step in a big pile of “shoulda” along the way.

In 2012…”You should have had your life figured out by now dude. You’re almost 30.”

In 2013…”You should be finishing up that college degree you started…you started in 2001.”

In 2014…shoulda shoulda shoulda

In 2015…same shoulda different day.

But you know, I finally got tired of having shoulda all over myself. I got hip to this bold ass guy named Gary V. I loved the way his videos looked. That’s right…I’m shallow AF and I followed the man because he had a cool video sitting in a car talking about some deep shit.

“Clouds and dirt”.

What is the point and why is this my first post? Point: you never know what will catch someone’s attention and connect to a deeper desire inside them to f’n create on their terms. Follow up point: that creation might changes someone’s life, including theirs.

So I write.


Out of these words I might conjure up a cool idea for a movie script. Or I might just have a cool hobby that never amounts to shit but a way to vent. EITHER WAY….just write.

Oh btw, I found this site/app/ because Gary V AND DRock posted useful articles that helped me clear up some questions. Last point: life isn’t so gigantic when you can connect through the power of word.

Go. Write. 

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