My Truth

January 23, 2018


The only person you owe a damn thing to is the person in the mirror you see every morning.

So with full respect I remind you of this:

I don’t owe you a check in, an update, a response, a text message, or a day pass to swoop in and destroy my peace. I give you access to my life out of courtesy, not necessity.

I have not created this boundary out of protection of my pride or to disguise my recklessness. On the contrary, I’ve set this line to better serve you as a brother, son, husband, friend, and man. I am not for everyone. I am not meant to be the marker for perfection. If you assign this designation for me, be prepared to be consistently disappointed.

Do understand I am human, much like yourself. While you might run from your imperfections and cloud your reality with accomplishments and titles, I sit firmly in my truth: EVERYTHING I AM NOT, MAKES ME EVERYTHING I AM. I am NOT a motivational speaker, I speak my truth to motivate me, and a select group of others, through life experiences. I AM NOT a businessman, I handle my business as a man and THAT affords me the chance to create a legacy in entrepreneurship.

While I appreciate you for believing your “accountability” is needed to remind me to grow, it is not necessary. I will not fault you for your attempts, but your energy is better served appreciating my transparency. I shall grow with or without your influence on my journey.

I’ve come to this conclusion with a heartfelt reminder: I WAS BORN A WINNER, and I can not allow YOU or anyone to else began to teach me how to lose.

I do the work.
I humble my thoughts.
I grind.
I have at times cried from frustration, confusion, and fear.
I have laughed when others said I should hush. I have remained quiet when others demanded I speak.
I have stepped fully into my understanding of my why, and no part of that needs to be a footnote or a reminder on your phone. It is for me, nothing more. Nothing less.

If you feel attacked by these words...I encourage you to sit with your feelings and breathe in the truth. “I am responsible for these feelings.”

If you feel energized by this proclamation, I encourage you to sit with that energy and check not use this passage as a way to remain stubborn in your mediocrity and disconnect from your greatness.

This is a message for you step bravely and boldly into your greatness. March. The fuck. On. Man the FUCK UP.

Be bold.
Be brave.
Be rebellious in loving the truth.

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January 23, 2018

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