Being the Change

February 27, 2018

Good morning everybody! Y'all ready to do some reading this morning!? Shoooot lets do. No video, no fly post, no branding moment with this post right now....

This is just me "Being the change" and sending some support to somebody who needs it. For real for real, I'm a message away y'all. So even if you don't respond, react, or like it. Just take it for what it's worth and if you need to chop it up, hit me up.

So my people, listen...One thing I've personally learned in the year or so of me really stepping into my strengths with utilizing speaking is this:

IT'S NOT JUST "USING SPEAKING" for some ulterior business might mess around and actually move somebody and change someone's life (insert shoulder shrug emoji).

So don't take it lightly. We might need you out here. Don't just look at the greats and use that as a way minimize your existence because "they got it," and start feeling all bad for yourself. Nah fam. Remember THEY WORKED FOR IT. Usually for YEEEEEEARS when there was no like button, no live video, no podcasts, no retweets. They got in the trenches and worked.

Kev, whatcha saying? I'm just throwing it out there that I get you really might not be THAT good right now...but keep working. You might not be the best speaker. Aight, then WORK. You really might be doing videos and SHARE it to only catch 50 views tops. Keep working!

Fully. Authentically. Organically. You don't have to be anybody but you. The prerequisite for your purpose doesn't involve being a photocopy of another man or woman. Be ALL OF YOU (in my John Legend voice) Because you'll either GROW or you'll GROW UP and realize your purpose is somewhere else. Either way, working authentically will lead you to your truth.

So don't get it twisted, you will be responsible for growth and change. No amount of impact comes without intentional growth. That sort of change is just an investment into your vision and your authenticity.

You will also build a strong relationship with accountability, for all those cute times you decide that "being comfortable" sounded good.

Oh and whoa, let's not forget about creativity. You got years and years and YEARS worth of an original perspective, experience, and vision all wrapped up in one unique person. Don't water that down with being these bootleg versions of other some other person. What about you though?

We all have influences, as do I. I'd never understand half the things about being in front of a camera and trusting in my authenticity if I hadn't been influenced by people like Eric Thomas, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart, Will Smith, Ellen, and others who grabbed a mic, shared their truth in a real way, and weren't afraid to have personality.

But I will never be ET, The Rock, Kevin Hart, Will Smith, or anybody else. The world might just need a little bit of Coach Kev.

So to end this...yall keep being you. The full you. The you that has grown from honest work and exposure to authentic people holding you accountable for your purpose.


- Coach Kev

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